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First Floor

The First floor is the largest floor at the Museum, which hosts a variety of sections which narrate fascinating stories of Goa. The first room to the left, the ‘Marine Room’ contains an assortment of artworks that are all connected to the ocean. The Marine room contains works that are about the ocean, made with objects found in the ocean, and works that were created in collaboration with the ocean. 

The next section is where all the stories about Goa’s religious and caste history are addressed. The artworks in this part of the museum pose important questions about identity and allow visitors to ponder on the various historical events that have shaped the way we think about identity. 

The food history section is beloved by all, food is a very interesting way of understanding history and here at the Museum of Goa, the visitor gets to walk amongst artworks while thinking about the various layers the food one eats every day contains culturally and historically.