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MOG hosts a diversity of spaces that offer unique and distinctive experiences for anyone who walks in. Each space in the museum is carefully curated to enrich the journey every visitor takes.


The auditorium hosts a variety of interesting conversations, from important talks about contemporary issues to conversations between characters in the most engaging plays, this is where the Museum of Goa


Documentary Room

Join the documentary room for a short 15-minute documentary about MOG’s founder Subodh Kerkar and the Museum of Goa. The documentary will set a good context for the kind of


Sculpture Garden

The sculpture garden is situated at the end of the museum, right next to the MOG art cafe and Children’s art studio. The sculpture garden hosts a variety of sculptures


Gallery 1

Gallery 1 is Mog’s exhibition space that keeps witnessing exciting works of new artists throughout the year. The gallery allows a separate space for aspiring artists and unique topics to



The MOG Store is a curated space that celebrates Goa’s culture, supporting local and national artists. It offers artifacts, souvenirs, books, and contemporary local art, allowing visitors to collect contemporary


Children’s Art Studio

The Children’s Art Studio is a creative center designed to inspire children to explore and engage with art. It encourages experimentation, nurturing imagination and self-expression among children, both young and


Art Cafe

MOG Art Cafe offers a delightful blend of art and culinary experiences. Nestled within the museum, it provides a serene ambience for visitors to enjoy coffee, snacks, and meals amidst



A gentle cool breeze welcomes the visitor at the end of the second floor. MOG has curated a fun terrace space where visitors can click pictures with their group and


Second Floor

The second floor is curated relaxedly, here the visitor can look at art that has a visually aesthetic appeal, with works surrounding the themes of architecture and landscape. Goa has


Mezzanine Floor

The mezzanine floor houses one of the permanent exhibitions at the Museum, ‘Goa Nostalgia’. These are works by Chandrakant Kerkar, the father of MOG’s founder Subodh Kerkar. ‘Goa Nostalgia’ invites


First Floor

The First floor is the largest floor at the Museum, which hosts a variety of sections which narrate fascinating stories of Goa. The first room to the left, the ‘Marine


Ground Floor

The ground floor of the Museum of Goa is the perfect introduction to what the visitor is about to experience. The Ground floor has been curated as a space with