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October 4 10:00 am - November 3 6:00 pm

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Homo Ludens | The Art of Play

The Homo Ludens exhibition delves into the multifaceted role of play in various facets of human life. Through a diverse range of artworks and interactive installations, the exhibition explores how play transcends boundaries and permeates different aspects of existence. It examines the significance of play in culture, society, education, creativity, and personal well-being. By showcasing the works of Indian and Dutch artists, the exhibition provides a unique perspective on the universal nature of play and its impact on lives.

The exhibition features artworks and an array of other programming. Parts of the program will take place in India (Goa) and parts in the Netherlands, further emphasizing the cross-cultural dialogue.

The exhibition is an initiative of the Museum of Goa and LaLa Foundation, supported by the Fund for Cultural Participation.

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India and The Netherlands have shared historical connections for centuries, beginning with the arrival of the Portuguese on the west coast of India in 1498. This was soon followed by the Dutch, French, British, and Danish, with the Dutch establishing control over Cochin in Kerala and attempting to conquer Goa from the Portuguese. The Dutch also had trading posts in various ports across India.

In the late 19th century, Dutch scholar Johan Huizinga, who studied Sanskrit and earned his PhD for his thesis on the role of jesters in Indian drama, wrote the influential book “Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play Element in Culture.” In this work, Huizinga explores the significance of play in various aspects of human life, including art, language, law, and religion. He argues that play is not merely a frivolous activity but an essential component of human culture with deep historical and social roots.

Huizinga suggests that play is a fundamental aspect of civilization, as it facilitates the development of social bonds, the transmission of cultural values, and the creation of meaning. He views play as a source of creativity, innovation, and social cohesion.

The theme of “Homo Ludens” is ideal for a program aimed at cultural practitioners, as it stimulates engagement with art in diverse forms. It aims to bring together practitioners from various fields to explore the significance of artistic expression. This program encourages individuals to engage in creative activities, free from rigid intellectual frameworks or predetermined outcomes, emphasizing the joy, spontaneity, and freedom of artistic expression. The goal is for art to be a source of pleasure, exploration, and personal fulfillment.


October 4 10:00 am
November 3 6:00 pm
Included in MOG Ticket
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