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Visits for Groups

Guests intending to tour the Museum with a sizable group are encouraged to inform the museum in advance regarding the date, time, and total number of attendees. Groups exceeding 10 individuals are advised to reach out to the museum beforehand via phone, WhatsApp, or email.

Group visits are admitted only by prior arrangement

Contact information for booking:

  • Contact No.: 7722089666
  • Email ID:

Service Conditions

  • Reservation Requirement: Groups must make reservations in advance for their visit to the museum.
  • Advance Notice: The museum requests that groups provide advance notice of their visit, including the date, time, and estimated number of attendees.
  • Group Size Limit: Groups exceeding a certain number of individuals, typically 10 or more, should contact the museum beforehand to ensure appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • Contact Information: Groups are required to provide contact information for the group leader or organizer for coordination purposes.
  • Arrival Time: Groups are expected to arrive punctually at the scheduled time to begin their tour or visit.
  • Supervision: Groups must ensure that they have an adequate number of chaperones or supervisors to manage and supervise their members during the visit.
  • Code of Conduct: All group members are expected to adhere to the museum's rules and regulations regarding behaviour, respect for exhibits, and interaction with museum staff.
  • Payment Policy: Any applicable fees for group visits, such as admission or tour fees, should be discussed and arranged in advance.
  • Accessibility: Groups should inform the museum of any special accessibility requirements or accommodations needed for members of the group.
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event of changes or cancellations to the group visit, the museum should be notified as soon as possible to adjust arrangements accordingly.

Group Entry Guidelines

  • Food and Beverages: Not allowed in the galleries to maintain cleanliness and preserve the exhibits.
  • Photography: Allowed inside the museum.
    Follow Instructions: Visitors should adhere to instructions from Museum staff for safety and security reasons.
  • Quiet Voices: Maintain quiet voices to respect other visitors' experiences.
  • Cell Phone Etiquette: Refrain from talking or texting during guided tours and keep phones on silent mode to minimise disruptions.
  • Hands-off Policy: Do not touch objects on display unless given permission to do so to prevent damage to the exhibits.
  • Prohibited Actions: Avoid leaning or standing on exhibit cases, platforms, or other structures to ensure the safety of both visitors and exhibits.
  • Responsibility: Supervisors or Group leaders are expected to stay with their groups and actively enforce behavioural expectations, including cell phone use during tours.
  • Active Participation: Encourage students to be engaged and ask questions during the tour, fostering a meaningful learning experience.

These guidelines provide a framework for a smooth and enjoyable visit while emphasising respect for the museum's exhibits, staff, and other visitors.