• Carpet of Joy



    Museum of Goa is one of the largest contemporary art spaces in the country. It is driven by the idea of breaking the cultural barriers which exist in the country and taking art to the masses. We believe in the power of art to communicate ideas and bring about social change.

    Although Goa is best known for its pristine coastlines, rolling hills and exemplary species of marine, plant and animal life – this ecological haven is steadily eroding. There is plastic litter everywhere. Even the educated and the rich litter shamelessly. We believe that this situation can only be changed with education of our children.

    ‘Carpet of Joy’ is an anti-litter education project to create a healthy environment. The collaborative art installation, made out of 1,50,000 discarded plastic bottles, was on view from 10 April until 30 May 2017 near Saligao Circle.

    The ‘Carpet of Joy’ is inspired by the Israeli artist and architect Uri De Beer. Uri has created many such installations including the one in front of the Israeli Parliament in Tel Aviv. He calls the flowers ‘plastiflora.’



    The installation was viewed by over 1000 people each day. It had 2,00,000 people visiting in total over a period of two months.



    The Inauguration event was organised on the 10th of April 2017 and was open to all for free.



    The closing event ‘Sounds of Joy’ was held on 26 April 2017. It was a festival including interactions with experts in the field of waste management/ recycling/ organic farming and home cooked meals created by village women of Saligao. The event also included a musical concert and dance performance.