• Jan 21, 2018

    Join us for a talk by Dr. Dipchand B Bhandare on the topic How to be a Johny Walker, this Sunday, 21 January, 2018 from 11:00 am at the Museum of Goa.


    Walking is natural to all human beings, and with growing fitness awareness more people are seen to be taking fitness walks. The purpose of the talk is to educate people about all aspects of exercise walking. Improper walking has been a cause of many injuries and cause of frequent breaks from regular walks. The talk includes the right way of walking, right surface for walking, the right clothing, the right shoes and ways and means of avoiding injuries.


    About the Speaker:

    Dr. Bhandare is a pioneer orthopaedic surgeon in private practise at Panaji, Goa since 1982 who has been recognised by the State as well as the Central government for providing the highest standards of orthopaedic care for Goan patients since the last thirty seven years and for his contribution in Polio and Deformity corrective surgeries.  

    Mr. Bhandare is the founder president of the Goa Orthopaedic Association and has been awarded by the Government of India & the Government of Goa for voluntary work in rehabilitation surgery of handicapped children.