Join us for the inauguration of the exhibition on 24 November, 2017 at 6:00 pm at Museum of Goa.

    Participating Artists: Elaine Clocherty, Subodh Kerkar, Pat van Boeckel,  Karin van der Molen, Siddharth Kerkar, Shilpa Joglekar and Sally Kidall

    “kNow Nature” is an effort to bring together art practices from varied backgrounds with a common thread binding them. The artworks speak an organic language and engage in materials that often defy permanence. The artists perform dialogues with the ephemeral and touch upon sensitive spaces to research and visualize their relation to nature.

    As nature is changing, icebergs are melting and many species just disappear, the ground on which we stand seems to shift all the time. Well known and new phenomena are watched with suspicion and fear. Worldwide it is a time where the human relation to nature is questioned. Contemporary art mirrors these developments all over.

    This exhibition brings together artists from various parts of the world such as Australia, Netherlands and India. They have spent years to create installations in nature that stand on these fine lines, balancing challenges offered by the sites, climates, temperatures and time zones.

    This is also the first time an exhibition meant for the outdoor will be held in a museum. At MOG they will bring together works that speak inherently the same language in terms of materials used and hence bring to the viewer unknown ways of looking at nature.