• Yamato Nadeshiko

    Kei Homma is a Japanese painter whose paintings demonstrate her lifelong interest in India and the rich cultural tapestry of the land.

    A much decorated painter and winner of the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition, her paintings have been shown in various solo exhibitions all over Japan and elsewhere. During her numerous travels across the Indian terrain, Homma closely observed women in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Orissa and documented them in various avatars in her painting. They are contemplative, observant and often lost in their thoughts.

    Homma’s paintings are a testament to the rich diversity in design, textiles, use of colors and various folk motifs. The figure of the horse and other architectural elements work as a recurring motif. Some of the backdrops also allude to hand painted havelis found in the region of Shekhavati in Rajasthan.

    In the words of the painter, these paintings are a tribute to the beauty, tenderness and strength of the many women she encountered. Homma’s fascination for her subjects and the profusion of colours is perhaps a testament to her abiding painterly interest in unraveling the myriad colourful hues of the land and the women who live there.

    These paintings not only document women in their natural habitat but also enable a sociological study of a time that is captured in Homma’s paintings. These paintings therefore are living archives of a tradition and lifestyle that was/is existing.