• Doodle Your Way to Art

    Alexander Pushkin's notebooks were celebrated for their doodles.

    John Keats doodled in the margins of his medical notes.

    Mathematician Stanislaw Ulam developed the Ulam spiral for visualization of prime numbers while doodling during a boring presentation at a mathematics conference.

    Tagore, Plath, Beckett, You??


    Doodle your way to greatness with Chaitali Morajkar!


    A Workshop on Creative Doodling that covered:

    1. Doodle-Do in Landscapes, Drawings, Words, Prints, etc.
    2. Doodle on Functional Objects and Fabric
    3. Zen-Doodle & Pattern creation
    4. Doodle with collage
    5. Watercolor Doodling
    6. Craft into Doodle
    7. Doodle Selfie


    • Group A: 9 to 13 years | Group B: 14 & Above
    • Dates: 23-28 Oct. 2017 
    • Venue: Museum of Goa [MOG], Pilerne Industrial Estate

    All materials will be provided with some music! :D