• Sep 03, 2017

    Join us for a talk by Mr. Tomazinho Cardozo on the topic Tiatr (Theatre) in Goan Culture, this Sunday, 03 September, 2017 from 11:00 am at the Museum of Goa.


    The talk dwelled on the origin of Tiatr, its development, its populatrity and standard. It also highlighted its impact on our society as well as on Goan politics. It also discussed why Tiatr is called ‘the mirror of Goan society’.


    About the Speaker:


    Tomazinho Cardozo is a dramatist, playwright, writer (in Konkani and English), educationist and politician from Goa. He has been a speaker of the Goa Assembly, but is known more for his achievements on the literary front and the popular tiatr stage in Goa.