• Phir Gandhi


    The exhibition from Oct 2 – Oct 30, 2017 featured works of eight renowned artists:

    1. E. P. Unny
    2. Subodh Kerkar
    3. Ravikumar Kashi
    4. Chandra Bhattacharjee
    5. Shamala B
    6. Nandesha S
    7. Sweety Joshi
    8. Chaitanya Guttikar.

    The exhibition was an attempt to engage with the idea of Gandhi and his contemporary relevance through various artistic media. The artists through their use of different media have tried to explore the life, philosophy and the idea of Gandhi. Why is he engraved in our collective conscience? Is he relevant anymore? Do we know him? How should we know him?

    ‘Phir Gandhi’ tries to actively participate in this conversation and probe his location in contemporary society and culture. 


    An Anti-litter Campaign

    Although Goa is best known for its pristine coastlines, rolling hills and exemplary species of marine, plant and animal life- this ecological haven is steadily eroding. There is plastic litter everywhere. Even the ‘educated’ and the rich litter shamelessly. We believe that this situation can only be changed with the education of our children. The ‘Anti-litter’ idea has to be inculcated from an early age. Museum of Goa is planned the project ‘Phir Gandhi’ to spread this very idea against littering.

    The Mahatma considered littering to be an act of violence- violence against Mother Earth and against oneself.