• Innovation and Technology in Indian Movement Arts

    Traditional Physical Wisdom, Innovation and Technology

    an illustrated talk by Jayachandran Palazhy, exploring the possibilities of concepts of body and principles of movement in traditional vocabulary and emerging stage technologies in creating new works.


    Leveraging the seminal research and documentation project ‘NAGARIKA’ that explores the information embedded in performance and physical traditions of India, Jayachandran will talk on the concepts of body and principles of movement in Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam and martial art Kalarippayattu and their relevance in the evolving contemporary Indian movement idioms. 

    Evolved as a medium for devotional expression in the highly culturally specific space of the south Indian temple, Bharatanatyam creates imaginary spaces, volumes and images beyond the confines of performer's empirical body, which are then woven into a cyclical rhythmic structure. Nritta, the movement vocabulary in Bharatanatyam is a valuable repository of cultural information about the body, both physical and imagined. Like most Asian martial art forms, Kalarippayattu practitioners also believe in the notion of a centre (Nabhi Moola – region below the navel) where the vital energy (prana or vayu) is stored

    Citing examples of his own choreography, Jayachandran will then explore the possibilities of using digital and interactive technology in performance in Indian context. The talk will be aided by NAGARIKA interactive digital platform on Kalarippayattu and Bharatanatyam as well as video samples of his own choreography

    DATE: Sunday, 24 June 2018

    TIME: 11 am to 1 pm

    VENUE: Museum of Goa, Pilerne



    About the Speaker:

    Jayachandran Palazhy is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and the Artistic Director of ‘Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts’, Bengaluru.

    He has trained in Yoga, Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Indian folk dance forms, Kalarippayattu, contemporary dance, Ballet, Tai Chi, Capoeira and African Dance. An innovative choreographer, Jayachandran’s collaborations with international artists whose works involve digital arts and interactive technology have resulted in exciting and acclaimed multimedia dance productions of a unique genre, which have toured extensively within India and internationally.  

    At Attakkalari, he has initiated a Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media; research and documentation initiatives including NAGARIKA - an interactive information system on Indian physical traditions; education outreach programs; the internationally reputed Attakkalari Repertory Company; TransMedia Technologies which provides stage technology solutions; and the Attakkalari India Biennial, South Asia’s largest and most important festival of contemporary dance. He has also worked as director, consultant and mentor for dance residencies and festivals in different parts of the world.


    For further information on Attakkalari please visit: www.attakkalari.org