• Feb 18, 2018

    Join us for a talk by Aditi Rakhe on the topic Graphical Narrative of the Practical Past, this Sunday, 18 February, 2018 from 11:00 am at the Museum of Goa.


    The talk will focus on the ways of understanding and representing history using personal contexts. It also speaks of how Historic discourse can be made more accessible, and the influence and perception of personal histories specifically, in graphical format. It is an attempt to explain these concepts using the example of the graphic novel Maus, by Art Spiegelman.


    About the Speaker:


    Aditi is a passionate art historian who recently completed masters in History of Art from the University of Nottingham (U.K.). She has bachelors in architecture, and has worked as a designer, editor and writer. She wishes to continue to pursue a career in the promotion, conservation, publication and curation of art.