• Siddharth Kerkar

    Unexpected Blessings

    Goa is known for its churches. Every bend in the road in the smallest villages, even the busiest city thorough fares are dotted with churches, ranging from the tiny chapel to the ornate and impressively overwhelming cathedrals. Bells are an integral of our church architecture.

    Everyone in Goa grows up with their near or distant chimes: to announce birth, deaths or christening or to issue a call to mass. Bells are not just the prerogative of churches though for Hindu devotees in temples also use the ringing of bells as part of their prayer ritual. Yet the style peal of a bell ringing at a church service are distinctively different from those we hear at a temple.
    I have created a bell using recycled material (rubber tyres, saw dust). Every time you hit the dong a new tune is heard. Twenty five different tunes are fed into the bell and play at random. The unpredictable ringing of the bell represents all the unexpected events in history.

    Price: INR 500000
    Medium: Fiber Glass and Rubber Tyres
    Size: 100cm x 79cm x 79cm
    Year: 2014